Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long has your company been in business?

A: We were established in 2007, however, we have over 45 years experience with medical billing.

Q: Will you provide our office with Electronic Claims Submission?

A: Yes, we are contracted with Office Ally and can have your practice enrolled in a matter of days of receiving the necessary information from your office. (Some claims are actually paid through electronic claims submission within 5-7 days, but the average time is 14-days).

Q: What information/reports will your service provide?

A: We offer remote access for your clinic, which can provide you with daily, weekly or monthly updates (your option). Our services may include daily reports, transaction reports, patient payment records, practice analysis, accounts receivable and claims reports, dependent upon your needs.

Q: What will your services cost?

A: For a new clinic, our rate will be 7.5%-9.5% of the amount collected (not billed), and we guarantee that rate for 12, 24 or 36-months. There is a small set-up fee and we offer a variety of services tailored to fit the needs of your clinic.

Q: Will your service help us with collections?

A: We are not a collection agency, we are a medical billing service. Our contacts with your patients and/or insurance carriers for PAST DUE balances are "soft collection" efforts and will be handled professionally and courteously. We do work closely with a collection agency should you chose to use it.

Q: What are your most recent collection rates for the amounts billed on behalf of providers?

A: Last year Billing Business Specialists, LLC billed over $1.5 million in claims and our collection rate averaged 96%.